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 Another Novel Idea (Chapter 3)

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PostSubject: Another Novel Idea (Chapter 3)   Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:46 pm

Adora sat at the table with the others and ordered another Muddy River. She looked down at the table and counted the empty glasses. Three. The glasses kept moving around the table. She squinted and counted again. Four.

“You might want to slow down on those, Adora. Two is my usual limit.” The man placed his hand on her shoulder.

Adora looked up and squinted again, “Whasch it to you? You actually care?”

The man held up his hands defensively, “Of course I care. We still need to meet up with Lord Bande in the morning. I wouldn’t want you to make a poor impression.” Darcy used a smile that had worked so well for him with so many other ladies. It only caused Adora to snarl.

You won’t think the same in the morning. The waitress arrived with Adora’s drink which Adora grabbed from the woman as she was setting it down. The drink disappeared in one short gulp and Adora slammed the glass on the table, shattering it.

“Hey!” The waitress yelled, “You owe us for that!”

Adora fished a gold out of her pouch, “Here. Keep it.” The woman curled her hand around it, frowned and walked away.

“Damn it, Adora! I didn’t know you were going to be like this. The next tavern we go to, you are cut off!”

Adora carefully focused her gaze on the woman sitting across from her, who was still picking bits of glass off her clothes. Her black hair was tied back in a braid and her chainmail, though showing some wear, fit her very nicely. Adora couldn’t see the woman’s swords at her side, but knew how skilled she was with them. Adora snorted, “Relax Inanna, no more for me.” Even sitting down, Adora wobbled a bit and placed her arms on the table for balance. Inanna sighed and opened her mouth to say more, but just then their food arrived. Adora looked confused, until Darcy spoke up, “We ordered for you while you were out shopping earlier.” Adora nodded and her stomach actually growled when the steak was placed in front of her. They all began eating and the others started talking amongst themselves.

Adora looked around the table, pretending to be listening. Why them, Father? I know, because you can. Poor Inanna - a strong and beautiful elf. Very capable of taking care of yourself, but you cannot protect yourself from him. Then there is Darcy - a lover of songs and women. Will he still allow you to sing? And Amr - lover of all things magical. You could learn much from my father. What choice will you make? Finally, Helena - zealous follower of your god; will He protect you from Lord Nicholas?

Adora looked back down at her food and her stomach rebelled. She pushed her plate from her, closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the wall and remembered back when she joined this group…

Adora walked into Smitty’s Bar and smiled a little. This was a typical hole-in-the-wall kind of place. The smoke was heavy and made the already dim interior even darker. There was a large fireplace in the wall, but it went unused this time of year. The few people there hovered protectively over their drinks and only gave her a passing glance. She didn’t deserve more notice since she was one of them. At least I understand these people. Those willing to do anything for a bit of coin because either life has not given them any other choice or they are just greedy. She walked over to Oark, the barman, and ordered whiskey. She took her glass over to the announcement board and sipped while she read. Most of the notices were for menial jobs and one was even looking for caravan guards. Adora chuckled, Guards from this group? They must be desperate. She continued to scan the notices and finally found the one she was looking for. Father said it would be here. She noted the meeting location and time, paid for her finished glass of whiskey and walked out.

Adora had an hour to wait before the meeting began, so she hung around in the shadows and watched as various applicants began to line up. There was the normal group of fighters, clerics and such gathering, but finally a young man came sauntering up that Adora recognized. She slipped out of her hiding spot and approached him from behind. She was about to get about 5 feet from him before he felt someone near him and turned around. Adora stopped and smiled a crooked smile. The man paled. “Hello Casis,” Adora said. “Good to see you again. My father was so hoping I would get this job. You wouldn’t want to upset my father, would you?”

Casis shook his head sharply and without a word, slunk out of line and down the road, disappearing around a corner. Adora nodded, Now just to make sure no other rogues apply. I must get this job. Another pair of rogues were walking towards the line, but hadn’t see Adora yet. She took a few steps toward them and they stopped when they saw her. She continued her approach.

“You’re applying, Adora?” The older man said, his voice shaking a little.

Adora smiled, “Yes, Iman. You?”

The older man swallowed, “Uh, no. I was just thinking the risks were just too great. Nevermind.”

The younger man looked at his companion in shock, “What? Iman, you were just telling me about how this will be a piece of cake! Just raiding a set of ruins…” The young man’s words were choked off as the older grabbed the back of his neck.

“Josh, you idiot! This is Adora!” The older man hissed. “Lord Nicholas’ daughter! One person you don’t cross is Lord Nicholas!” He jerked his young companion around and they walked away while Josh continued to complain.

Hopefully, Josh, you’ll never discover why Lord Nicholas’ name strikes fear into most rogues, Adora thought.

Adora continued to scare or warn off the other thieves looking for work until Scarlett fell in line. She only smiled as Adora approached her. “Hello Adora. I am getting this job. Neither you nor your father can scare me away.”

Adora shrugged, “Very well. Since you are so set on getting this job, I won’t interfere.” Adora stood next to her for a moment, quietly. Then in a voice low enough for only Scarlett to hear, “You know, Father was just telling me about that temple job that happened last week. Incredible. They say the authorities, nor anyone else on the street, has any idea who did that job. A masterful piece of skill. It would be just terrible if word got out about who really did that job. And where the rogue could be found.” Scarlett tried to act nonchalant, but she paled anyway. Adora continued, “It would probably land that thief in chains. And a thief with those kinds of skills would quickly end up being my father’s slave. I would hate for that to happen. Wouldn’t you, Scarlett?”

Scarlett gave a nervous laugh, “Adora how you carry on so.” She paused while looking at the other people in line. “I’m sure they already have a rogue they can use and I think the risks are just too great, so I’ll go looking for easier leads.” She turned and quickly disappeared down an alley. Good. I like you Scarlett. I really would hate to see you as my father’s play-thing. Adora hung around at the end of the line as it slowly moved forward and she kept turning away other applicants that threatened her prospects.

(To Be Continued...)
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Another Novel Idea (Chapter 3)
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