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 Another Novel Idea (Chapter 2)

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PostSubject: Another Novel Idea (Chapter 2)   Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:34 pm

Adora knelt in front of her father’s throne, her head bowed, and the map in her hands. Yavu stood behind her. “It seems your informant was useful after all. Yavu bring the map to me.” Without looking up, Adora held out the map which was taken from her. Adora heard paper rustling and waited while he looked it over. “You’d better hope this is accurate,” he growled. After a few minutes, Yavu returned the map to her. “Now go to Flagg and get what magical items you may need. This shouldn’t take you more than two weeks, so you’ll need about four doses. Here,” Adora looked up and he was holding out a necklace with an empty vial hanging from it. “This will fill when it is time for your next dose. But remember, I can change when you receive it if you piss me off.” Adora swallowed, nodded and took the necklace. “Your next dose is tomorrow,” her father said, “but I may wait a day to punish you for your almost fiasco yesterday.” He shrugged and Adora jumped to her feet, her eyes flashing.

“Now just a minute, father! That wasn’t my fault! Mille showed up before…” She never finished as she was thrown back by a magical blast and when she hit the floor, she screamed in pain. Her father watched her, his eyes shining, and a slight smile teased his lips. Finally the pain eased and Adora was able to croak, “Father. Please. Sorry.” The pain stopped and Adora forced herself back to her knees, breathing heavily and bowed her head.

“Get out of my sight, you ungrateful slave. I don’t know why I keep you around.”

Because otherwise you’d have to pay someone to do these missions, Adora wanted to say, but clamped her mouth shut before the words escaped. She stood up, being careful to not fall, bowed and left his great room.

# # #

Adora winced with every step as she made her way to Flagg’s wing in her father’s castle. After checking a few rooms, she finally knocked at his office door. "Come in,” he called. Adora opened the door and walked in. Flagg smiled as she did, and noticed her slight limp. “You pissed him off again.” He knew it was true. Adora nodded. “Adora,” he shook his head, “when will you learn?”

Adora shrugged, “When he kills me, I guess.”

Flagg pursed his lips, “Going on another mission?”

How does he always know without anyone telling him?

“Then you’ll need some magic items,” He stood and Adora followed him back down the hall. He stopped at a plain wooden door with runes burned into the wood and no door knob. He traced the runes with his finger while muttering under his breath. When he finished, all the runes glowed brightly and the door swung inward. “Here we go,” he said and he walked inside.

Adora followed and took in a deep breath, her eyes wide. “Wow.” The room was wider and longer than seemed possible. There were shelves of magic items from the very small to hand sized. Anything larger was hanging from the walls and even some from the ceiling.

Flagg chuckled, “It’s a pleasure to bring you in here, Adora. You truly appreciate the wonder and possibilities that is in here.”

Adora slowly turned around, trying to look at everything at once. Finally she returned to facing Flagg, “Where do I begin?”

“That would depend on your mission.”

“I’m looking for the silver Arm Band of Santinaya,” Adora said.

“Now that will require special equipment. Come here and let me show you…”

# # #

Splat. Splat.

What the hell? Mille opened her eyes and Splat! Another rain drop fell into her eyes. It’s raining. Again. She felt bruised all over and tried to move, but cried out with the effort. I can’t stay here. I doubt even they would want someone taking up the middle of the road. Mille gritted her teeth and rolled onto her side. With a few loud grunts she was finally able to get to her hands and knees. This is going to be harder than I thought. She looked up and saw the porch of The Happy Centaur and it’s pillars. If I could just make it over there. She tried to get to her feet, but her body refused to obey. She tried again. Same result. She started to crawl.


Mille recognized the voice, but kept crawling. Can’t stop now. Strong hands lifted her and put an arm over his shoulders. “Easy there. Looks like you lost a bet,” the man said. He walked with her the rest of the way to the tavern’s porch and she sat down, leaning against a pillar. Mille looked at her friend and smiled.

“Thanks, Tilon.” She had to admit he was good looking with his hazel eyes and tousled, golden brown hair. The scar on his jawline only added to his charm. And that he was the greatest archer for many lands around certainly didn’t hurt.

Sighing, he shook his head, “You’re welcome, but you have to stop taking these missions alone. They could’ve killed you and we wouldn’t know about it.” He shook his head, knowing further argument would be useless. “Who was it this time?”

“Guy named Yavu. He…” Milled paused at Tilon’s shocked look. “What?”

“You fought with Yavu and survived close fighting? He must’ve wanted you alive.”

Mille leaned her head back against the pillar and closed her eyes, “He could’ve have killed me very easily. I lost consciousness when he slammed me against the wall. Then I guess he threw me outside.”

“Who was he protecting, Mille?”


“You are determined to bring her in. I admire that,” Tilon paused and looked hard at her, “but if you don’t start getting smarter, she will go free and you will be just words on a tombstone.”

“But who will join me trying to bring her in? She is Lord Nicholas’ daughter and there are some in our group who are loyal to him.”

Tilon stares at the ground, then nods once. “I will.”
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Another Novel Idea (Chapter 2)
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