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 Paladin Red - Hunter of the Dead

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PostSubject: Paladin Red - Hunter of the Dead   Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:43 am

Red stood at the foot of the sarcophagi and tried to decipher the script "Emerald it is in Infernal, it says that this was an unholy warrior. It is not the one is it", "no Red this is not the one but that is of no concern right now". "Why", "because that is". She points to an approaching spirit "oh look a ghost, what joy and rapture".

Red drew her sword and prepared to battle "let me try to communicate with it, we may learn something". but she did not get chance the spirit wanted a fight. The fight with a spirit was often a hit and miss affair, they were insubstantial so hitting the right bit was never easy. You could buy weapons specifically designed to hit ghosts but Red's was not one of those, she was to have a new one soon which would be magically enhanced and that would hit a ghost.

She sliced through the specter but did not hit it and had to move quickly out of the way as it's ghostly hand reached out for her, Emerald was not drawing her weapon but was closing her eyes Emerald this is not the time to go to sleep girl, you have a ghost upon you. But the ghost seemed to be repulsed backwards and then fled, "ok what have you done to it". "I can reach out to the incorporeal spirits. elemental's too and punish them with my mind.

"Ok is that a new thing or were you going to tell me at some point", Red sheathed her sword and gave the druid a smile. "I have known about it all my life and have used it before but it has it's limitations", "you are just full of surprises Emerald".

They leave the crypt to the dead and continue the search for the fallen warrior they seek, as they move around the graveyard a halfling suddenly pops out "he is not here Red, I have checked 'em all. Neither of the two women looked even concerned at the appearance of the small guy, he was a short but sturdy fellow with knives all over him. "Stan, I will take your word for it that we are in the wrong place, but do not jump out at us". "You're too slow to catch me Red and besides who else would it be, not him for certain". The halfling points to a dead human wearing the familiar grey robes of the cult, "they must be following us to eliminate the possibilities which means they are no further ahead than we are".

They return to the horses and then set off for the next site, when they arrive they almost immediately smell trouble. "Wights" Red says to the other two. "In the daytime, what are they doing out in the daytime"? The graveyard was in darkness due to the overhanging trees, the temple ruins had been cleansed a long time ago and had been consecrated but they never did the graveyard.
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Paladin Red - Hunter of the Dead
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