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 Athena a brief backstory

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PostSubject: Athena a brief backstory   Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:52 pm


The deity of noble combat, skilled craftwork, prudence, and cities,
Athena (ah-thee-nah) appears as a statuesque woman with fetching
gray eyes. She usually carries a shield and wears helmet and armor.
Because she is Zeusís favorite child, Zeus lends Athena his shield,
Aegis, from time to time.
Athena is the daughter of Zeus alone, because no mother bore
her. One day, Zeus developed a terrible headache. To relieve it,
Hephaestus used his axe to split open the mighty godís head. Out
sprang Athena, full grown and fully armed and armored.
Athena was the first to teach mortals many of the civilized arts.
She is credited with inventing weaving, the potterís wheel, the
horse bridle, and many other crafts. She also created the olive tree
as a gift to mortals. She is the protector of weavers, and, along with
Hephaestus, the patron of handiwork and all the arts that make civilization
Athena is warlike, but only in defense of things she believes are
worth protecting, such as cities, towns, and planted fields. She
opposes the destructive rampages of her half brother, Ares, whenever
and however she can. (Deities and Demigods WotC)

Athena Hates her brother Ares and fights him at every turn, he is chaotic evil but not mad, he is a skilled fighter and a cleric of note. He fought Athena over Crystal many centuries ago and through trickery he bested her and took her sword, he tried to escape the plane but fate intervened and a Red dragon called Thraxall fought him as he tried to flee. in a weakened state he was beaten but not killed. Thraxall took the sword to his lair to add it to his collection and to hide from Ares, but fate was not on his side that day either as he slept the mountain he used as his home was struck by a meteor which some say was sent by Zeus for stealing the sword.

Athena had returned to her home plane badly beaten and before she could tell her father that the sword was safe for now he punished the dragon. As she did not know exactly where the dragon had took her sword and as Zeus had acted in a fit of temper neither did he the sword was lost. Zeus could simply not remember where the mountain was and therefore was unable to help, for years she searched in vain. It is said that a 3rd party had cast a powerful spell on Zeus so he would never be able to recall the mountain where the sword was but this is unconfirmed.

Time passed and eventually the dwarves found a cavern full of gold, in there was a hoard of magical items that would need some identifying. It was then that the sword was found but as it was not an axe it was sold to the highest bidder, the new owner took it back to his home and tried to use it but could not so he sold it to a friend who displayed it for a time then it was stolen and eventually Acridia found it in Nortonia, a drawing of it was found at a house where a merchant had displeased him and he simply walked in and took what ever he wanted (which included the mans daughter), there was an inventory which listed the sword along with some other items but Acridia could not find the hiding place as he had the man killed before he could ask.
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Athena a brief backstory
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