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 The History of Nortonia

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PostSubject: The History of Nortonia   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:14 pm

Nortonia was the furthest point inland that was navigable by ships on the southern coast, it started as a depot just for the kings ships but soon grew into a major city. There used to be a large barracks for soldiers and their families, but it was over thrown by an invading Tiernan Khor army which burned down much of the buildings many years ago.

Then in the year 2307 of the new moon a Wizard called Acridia started a guild with some friends, this guild took hold quickly and soon he owned the city. His ambitions did not stop there, he spread his influence across the southern lands and by the time the authorities realized he was a problem it was too late.

By 2315 he "owned" a stretch of land 100 miles in all directions from Nortonia, the king tried to oust him but he owned too many people to be caught out that easy and he was still growing. By 2320 he had took over some of the other cities and held land a thousand miles long and over 200 miles deep. The king had decided that an all out attack was the only way to take the land back, drawing in many of the troops that were scattered around he called to all the guilds that were legitimate and some that were not.

He gathered a huge army that was to cut great sectors and destroy the hold there and then move on. Powerful wizards were employed along with clerics and druids, druids in particular were persecuted under his rule as they sought to maintain the balance and Acridia sought to take regardless of the consequences. Piece by piece the king took back the land until all that was left was the walled city it's self, it was then that Acridia pushed his luck too far.

He sought a black pact with a demon and opened a portal into the gates of the Abyss and he paid for it, for the demons only work for themselves and they spilled forth taking souls as they saw fit destroying the land forever. Once they were banished from the land it was permanently blighted, nothing would grow and even the river sought a new direction and turned away from the area. The people fled and most died as there was no water and no food, the forests died and all manner of beasts came and hunted food.

That was over 70 years ago and there is still nothing alive in that land, there is no water to sustain life and it never rains, any adventurers that go to loot the city never return. Acridia was a hoarder of fine and magical goods, it is said that if you could get there and back you would live a life of luxury. The wizard had some powerful items collected through intimidation and theft, there is one item of note that was within the city that he could never lay his hands on, the legendary sword of Athena.
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The History of Nortonia
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